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After Asr prayer today there were still some intimidation from the pro Gaddafi supporters. They come and chant against us while we’re coming out from the mosque, but we were holding ourselves down not to get into interfered [infuriated?] with the slogans. But things got worse after Maghreb, and then all of a sudden we sat that there is some vacuum in the security in the country, maybe due to resignation of Abdelfatah Younis, who is the head of internal security. All of a sudden then the demonstrators found out that there was nobody in the city so they started going from one revolutionary headquarters to another, and taking them over, burning everything, burning the green books inside and going from one place to another. About 10pm people gathered themselves and then they went ahead to the Green Square, they pushed the Gaddafi supporters out and they took over the Green Square. They also went to interior ministry, and internal security office which overlook the square and they burned them down. Then after Mr Saif Al Islam talked on TV, while we were following and hearing the news that he was saying that OK, he’s gonna fight back, it’s only like maybe 15, 20 minutes later we saw the cars, 4 by 4 drive coming with soldiers. I couldn’t distinguis whether the soldiers were Africans or Libyans, they were too far but they started shooting immediately. I saw two people were shot, one of them in the head, was like two meters away from me. Then we had to leave and we left the square. I saw even the machine-guns they were using, one gun mounted over a truck which is used to fight aircraft. That was used against a demonstrator. After that OK, we pulled back and we said it’s a night but now I can still hear, now an hour later I can still hear gunshots in Green Square until this moment.