Today, in the beginning of the afternoon, after Dhur prayer, the provocatory clashes the revolutionary committees were causing by circling the streets were still ongoing. We were leaving Dhur prayer and they were saying “The Leader gave us good tidings, break into their homes,” and provoking us. We were calming the youth down, we told them, we said OK, this is not our time yet, don’t clash with them, leave them alone. But after sunset the provocation increased, and the youth were forced to fight. I believe the retreat of Abdelfatah Younis from the ranks of the security, has left a security gap. So suddenly the youth found there were empty police stations, so they went in and burned almost all police stations in the city, all revolutionary committee bases. Forgive me, I am a little out of breath. Anyway, in front of me, what I saw, the revolutionary headquarters of Fashloom was burned, and the headquarters in Ben Ashor and its police station, and Zawyet Adahmani police station. So it spread and we heard news from Soug el Juma the same thing, the security base is burned. So it went from area to area. We don’t know what will happen even in the next five minutes. But every so often we get news that an area has fallen in the hands of the protesters. So there was a suggestion that we go to the Green Square, and the youth started gathering themselves. Those who know people from Soug el Juma called them, those who know people from Fashloom called them. The youth put their trust in God and at about 10:30 they reached the Green Square. They kicked out the pro-Gaddafi people in the Square and burned the internal security center. They entered and burned it all, and I think the general security building overlooking the martyrs square too. After the speech, of course we were listening, after the speech, suddenly cars came, the land cruisers, with people. They were far away so I can’t tell you if they were Africans or Libyans or from Sirte. They gave us no chance. Heavy fire, like it was a war. Until you can’t even hear or even see what’s happening. The demonstrators scattered, and they suddenly brought in their gangs chanting “Fatih, Fatih” [One of Gadafi’s titles] and they re-entered the square. We took shelter in the neighboring buildings for a while then retreated. There was also strikes by anti-aircraft missiles, we saw this in front of us. Those that I saw with my own eyes, two wounded, one shot in the head.

Translated by @tasnimq